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NACE-National Coalition on Extractives.
60 John Street,Freetown ,Sierra Leone

Phone: (+232) 33 353 471

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NACE Guide 2011
This guide provides some basic information for Sierra Leone's Parliamentarians conducting oversight of mineral resources and the revenues they generate. It provides a set of questions that Members of Parliament might need to ask in order to ensure that Sierra Leone receives maximum benefits in terms of revenue for the minerals extracted and that these revenues are used in ways that will benefit the country and its people.
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An Update on Sierra Leone's Chance to Benefit from Mining
In March 2009, NACE's report Sierra Leone at the Crossroads: Seizing the Chance to Benefit from Mining showed that government revenues from mining were minimal and that many people in the mining areas of the country were being made worse off.
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Building a Fair, Transparent and Inclusive Tax System in Sierra LEONE
Resource mobilisation lies at the heart of economic development; and among various means of resource mobilisation (e.g., forced savings, inflation tax, manipulation of terms of terms of trade etc), tax is the most closely related to questions of state formation and capacity
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Strengthening Parliamentary & Civil Society Oversight of Oil, Gas & Mining Resources in Sierra Leone
The expected impact of the NACE intervention is to improve quality level of governance, transparency and accountability in Government of Sierra Leone's Oil and Gas sector policies, processes, practices, behaviors and use of extractive resources in Sierra Leone.
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Parliamentarians Lead Investigation on Mining Activities in Kono
Trainings of Parliamentarians in Sierra Leone on the structures, legal and regulatory frameworks and processes of the extractive sector aimed at empowering these lawmakers to effectively carry out their oversight functions manifested dividend when on July 26, 2010 a joint Parliamentary, civil society and media team made a trip to diamondiferous district of Kono in eastern Sierra Leone to investigate what were the realities on the ground, in terms of adherence to the legal and regulatory frameworks on mining and extractives undertaken by Koidu Holdings and Obtala Resources PLC Mining.
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NACE 2004 Report
The workshop started with both Muslim and Christian Prayers. The facilitator for the strategic planning, Bishop Akolgo from ISODEC was introduced by Kadi Jumu. Introduction of participants followed where each participant was asked to write a profile of him/her self thus creating a good atmosphere for deliberations
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The workshop commenced with Christian prayers dome by Aminata Kelly-Lamin of NMJD and Muslim prayers by Solomon Mboka of CADEM.

Cecelia then thanked all participants and facilitators for having made it to the workshop. She welcomed all and hoped that the session would be an experience sharing one. Individual introductions starting with the facilitator from ISODEC in Ghana were made afterwards.
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Report on the Mining Policy & Regulatory Framework


Mr. Joseph Rahall of Green Scenery welcomed participants to the workshop and thanked them for having left their busy schedules to honour the invitation from NACE.

Participants then introduced themselves and the organizations they worked for, commenting briefly on what they have been doing to promote the work of NACE especially since the last workshop. Participants highlighted the following issues as activities undertaken so far: -

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Report On the Inaugural Launching and Symposium on the Extractive Sectors in Sierra Leone

The National Advocacy Coalition on extractive (NACE), is a coalition of local non-governmental organizations that have their interest in the manner in which the extractive sector is managed and operates in Sierra Leone. These organizations having identified key issues relating
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Report On the Joint Government and Civil Soviety Monitoring of Selected Mining sites in Sierra Leone

A three (3) days Consultative sessions were held by the Campaign for Just Mining under the auspices of Network Movement for and Development (NMJD) with the Affected Property Owners Association (APOA) of Tankoro and Sandor Chiefdoms, and stakeholders on the Koidu
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Sierra Leone is endowed with huge reserves of minerals. Their effective and efficient exploitation for the good of its citizens, will improve the country’s economy, enhance national development and substantially reduce the festering level of poverty. Unfortunately, the country is yet to benefit from the full potential of the minerals, including diamonds, Rutile (Titanium), and Iron Ore with which it is endowed.
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Our Partners

Christian Aid||||ca
Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes

Established in 1988 in eastern Sierra Leone, the Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) is a national human rights-oriented civil society development and advocacy organization. NMJD engages government on policy reform matters and has a long history and experience in working with grassroots communities in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Since the end of the civil conflict in Sierra Leone, the mining sector has been expanding, contributing significantly to the economy. A good number of large-scale and small-scale companies are at present, investing in diamonds, rutile, bauxite, gold and iron ore. The oil and gas sector is also promising since the announcement of the discovery of oil in the deep water in 2009.

Green Scenery||||SLEITI
Green Scenery is a non-governmental organization in Sierra Leone without religious, political or governmental affiliation. We are working towards a future where food is secured, Human Rights are respected, access to justice is guaranteed and biodiversity is protected. Community-based programming is our approach. Green Scenery is registered with the Registrar General and the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning.

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